Study: Cannabis can prevent the development of cancer

A new study from the UK found that components of cannabis may prevent the development of cancer cells.

The study, published by the American Medical Association (NIH), has found that cannabidiol (CBD), component of cannabis, actually increases the chance to kill cancer cells in the human body. During the study the researchers examined the protein ICAM-1, which is responsible for destruction of cancer cells in the human body. They used in cancer cells taken from patients with lung cancer and examined how ICAM-1 protein enriched with CBD affects the deaths of those cancer cells.

The researchers found that cannabidiol (CBD) further increased the destruction of cancer cells. the researchers also showed how the combination of THC and endocannabinoids (cannabinoids produced by the human body), simulating the way both ICAM-1 protein kills cancer cells when it is enriched with CBD. According to the researchers these findings provide further evidence of the anticancer mechanism of cannabinoid in the human body.


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