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TMbetter has over 15 years of experience and knowledge in production of cannabis strains for medical usage. Specializing in organic growing techniques and developing unique products for different delivery system, TMbetter has become one of the first and largest producers of Medical Grade Cannabis in Israel and is expanding to the global market to create a TMbetter world.

TMbetter is one of the first and largest Medical Cannabis companies in Israel. With over 7 years of experience in producing Medical Grade Cannabis under federal regulations in Israel, we have gained significant experience in mass production of top quality Medical Grade Cannabis and patient care.

TMbetter is aming to be licensed in Czech Republic for importing, selling and manipulating Medical Grade Cannabis. Our highest CBD strains began as a gift from our Czech partners and are now the base of TMbetter CBD enriched master strains. TMbetter Medical Grade Cannabis and patient care will be available in the Czech Republic market in 2016.

As the Australian market is making its first steps to legalize and regulate the terms and use of Medical Grade Cannabis, TMbetter has begun the steps for the eventual production of Medical Grade Cannabis and patient care in Australia.


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TMbetter specializes in developing Medical Grade Cannabis for different medical usage. we pride ourselves of being one of the only organic and chemical free international producers of Medical Grade Cannabis in the world. Our goal is to develop unique strains that will cover all ranges of medical usage and to deliver our patients with the best possible solution for their medical needs.


TMbetter offers unique strains, developed with diverse CBD and THC combinations to provide products that differ in scent, taste, potency and medical usage. We developed a variety of products for different delivery systems: edibles, pills, capsules, inhalers, vaporization inserts, suppositories, oils and creams. Those products are introduced in accordance with the specific regulations of each locale.


As Medical Grade Cannabis gets increasing recognition in the worldwide market, TMbetter stands at the forefront of the industry. Register for TMbetter to stay with latest news, studies and advancements regarding Medical Grade Cannabis.

Is your country TMbetter? We are working to create a TMbetter world and constantly striving to expand our operations throughout the globe, as regulations evolve, to reach more patients with our unique product.

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  • Israel

Coming Soon: Australia, Canada

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